Do you want to shield your yard from prying eyes? Privacy fences are ideal for those who want to conceal their property from neighbours and passersby. At Simcoe Fence Company, we can provide commercial, agricultural and residential clients with security and privacy fences in Barrie and the surrounding areas.

We aim to help you meet your unique fencing requirements. Our fencing contractors will carefully examine your needs to ensure that the final product reflects them. We supply and install security and privacy fences in Barrie to add value to your property and prevent intrusions.

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A fence can be a valuable asset to any property, whether commercial, agricultural or residential. Not only are fences a practical addition to protect your property and keep unwanted intruders at bay, but they can also be an aesthetic addition to bring beauty to your property. Simcoe Fencing has been providing fences in Barrie and all of Simcoe County for many years. Our fences are beneficial to customers from all backgrounds, including:

Protect your industrial and commercial property, as well as any equipment, from vandals and other intruders.

Keep your crops and livestock secure with our agricultural fencing.

Add a beautiful fence to your property to provide privacy and decoration.


To a typical individual, regular and private fences might seem like the same thing. However, certain features set privacy fences apart. These fences are between 4 and 6 feet tall. On top of that, they have very little to no space between their slates. These two qualities obstruct outsiders from a view of your yard, even when your property is in a busy area.

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Are you undecided about investing in a privacy fence? We invite you to consider some of its many advantages:

  • Unmatched privacy: These fences are called privacy fences for a reason. They create a visual barrier and offer a clear-cut boundary to your property.

  • Enhanced safety: These fences are an excellent choice if you have pets and children. They will prevent them from leaving your property’s boundaries. On top of that, they will also deter intruders.

  • Improved appearance: Privacy fences can add a finishing touch to your yard. We provide you with countless design options so you can choose one that complements your home or commercial space.

  • Weather protection: These fences can also withstand heavy winds and shield your backyard from wind damage. Installing these fences will protect your potted plants, patio furniture, and other elements.

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Our professional team has the expertise to plan and install your new fence to the industry’s highest standards. With the cold Ontario winters, fences must be properly anchored with concrete in order to prevent shifting as the ground freezes and thaws. Our team will do this as well as ensure the fence posts are anchored deep enough that cracking will not be an issue during the cold months.


A fence is a significant investment. You want to be sure it is designed to be functional and meet your requirements. Here are some things to consider about the design and layout of your fence when planning your project:

  • Climb resistant: If the primary goal of your fence is to keep intruders out, you want to be sure the fence cannot easily be climbed. Don’t forget about those intruders who may attempt to get under the fence. Be sure to work with your contractor to design a fence that can’t easily be breached.

  • Allows for proper surveillance: Poorly designed fences may provide places for intruders to hide or sneak onto the property unnoticed. With proper fence design, you can construct a fence that does not allow thieves easy access to your property.

  • Durable: Since fences are such a big investment, you want to be sure you choose a building material that will last for years to come. Work with your contractor to find the most durable material that fits your budget.


The following are some commonly asked questions about our fences in Barrie and the surrounding areas:

When you install a fence on your property, you can get protection from intruders and passersby. When properly installed by contractors like us, fences can enhance the curb appeal of a property. Installing a fence can give you the following benefits:

  • It deters intruders, trespassers, and wild animals

  • It prevents your children and pets from running into the busy street

  • It clearly demarcates your property’s boundaries

Are you still unsure of whether you require fencing on your property or not? We invite you to discuss your needs with our contractors today. Besides this, we can also provide you with gates.

Generally, the design and type of a fence have a significant impact on its overall installation cost. The eventual price can depend on factors such as:

  • The overall length and height of the fence

  • The type of fencing material used

  • The slope and whether grading is required

  • The design and style

  • The distance between the posts

  • And more!

To get a clearer idea, please reach out to us for a quote. We have years of experience and can provide you with quality fencing that meets your needs.

Generally, chain-link fencing is the most cost-effective fencing available in the market. It gives you the security, privacy, and sturdiness provided by other fences at a low cost. They’re durable, easy to install and require minimal maintenance. 

There is no standard duration for a fence installation project. The time required to carry out the installation can depend on factors such as the materials, the design of the fence and the underlying site conditions. Please contact our team if you’d like to discuss your future fencing project with us.

A well-made and properly installed fence will last for years. However, regular wear and tear and exposure to the elements can damage your fence over time. The following are some signs that you should consider replacing your fence:

  • There are rust marks on your steel fence

  • There are holes in your wooden fence

  • Your fence is leaning

  • Your fence has significant accidental damage

  • You have to repair your fence too often


Start your commercial fencing project in Barrie today by getting a free quote from Simcoe Fence Company. Get in contact with us by phone or email. A member of our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.